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#1   SWiSHzone Shutting Down  

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Hi Folks

We can no longer continue operating at SWiSHzone. We will be ceasing all operations shortly. I've been the only one at sz handling the day to day operations at sz for awhile now. Honestly we didn't think it would last as long as it did. Right now the site is being pulled down brick by brick. I don't know when the work will be completed at this point. Most likely by Monday at the latest.

Once it is shut down for regular operations, we will provide information on how to keep your software if the need arises. Things like new computers and registry (permissions errors) The information will be available to all but bit forever. Hopefully web.archive will store it for the future. The software will work so long as Windows Computer operating systems (Win10) support it.

I want to thank each and everyone of you for keeping the swisher community alive and supporting SWiSHzone through the years.

For those who may not know who I am.
My name is Mike "Frets" Chrysler. I was an early adopter to Swish 1 and was an active member of Flashkit. Brian Ayers(founder of this place) and I joined FK at the same time. Both he and I rose to moderator positions at FK. Later with the help of some friends I formed Swishspot. It was the first Swish only website with forums and a repository of swish made movies. Brian was not far behind me with the original Swish-Tutorials. There never was animosity or competitiveness in that. He encouraged and inspired me to do more. I also was one of the first Super moderators at ST. I had asked to step down because much of my work was divided elsewhere and I didn't want my role to be in title only. Later I founded Frets-files.com

Both Brian and I came to work at SZ in different departments. I took on support and supervising SWiSH sites. While Brian worked in software development.

SWiSHzone has been the greatest job I've ever had. If not for people like you who bought our software it would have never been. I started in 2003. I've worn many hats through the years. I penned 90 percent of the Template help files, written countless tutorials, Been active in product development since SWiSH Max(1) and answered roughly 230,000 calls since I started working. I oversaw template development and more. It's been 13 years. The longest job I've ever had.

Thanks for everything.

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I hav'nt been for ages, I use Wordpress though I still play with my Swish max. So sorry to see this post.

Trouble is most forums in general have suffered due to Social Media. I have accounts at FB and Twitter but there is no real human interaction.

Is it one .exe for ever, and where do we dl a Swish when it comes to format or new computer?

Thanks Frets!!

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Everything is explained on the webpage with orange text for the links to the zip file.

Get it quick
SWiSHzone.com is closed

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