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#1   How to link .swi files together to funtion as one  

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I am new to swish and I am having a very hard time completing my first project. I have created four movie or swi files which i would like to link via a button from the main swi file. I am using the following url script but it is not working.

- onFrame (2) {
container.loadMovie("Critics Choice.swi");

The "Critics Choice.swi" is movie file number 1. After the home movie file runs and i select the button the, "go to" or "open" command does not link the file.
what am i doing wrong? Please help!

Best regards,


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Before you jump into a new software you need to learn the basics of it.
With that said lets start with the basics:

1. Your program uses the file (swi) as a working program. Much as a text program uses .txt
2. The file needed for export is (swf). This is the file that a Flash player uses to show your movie.
3. When you are done working with your swi file you export (swf) and the (html) to a folder on your hard drive to be used show your movie.

So now this will change what you want to called into your container.

onFrame (2) {
container.loadMovie("Critics Choice.swf");

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