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#1   How to combine html and flash in a website  

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hey! long time since I have posted in here!

Well heres a complicated question...

I am making a website, and after my experience with flash I have come to the conclusion that for certain aspects html is better. Examples of this are large text documents or rather archives with many large text documents. Flash can't do this very well because for each one you have to make a scroll field etc. While html makes this alot simpler!

However, I love flash animations for buttons, introductions etc.

Is there a way, (I know I have seen this somewhere!) to have a flash introduction - when that ends a html page with flash buttons and banners... but when u click on the button the HTML content changes...

Is this possible??

If so... HOW?! I have swishmax. and also dreamweaver mx (though I dont know how to use it very well...)

Could someone please be kind enough to explain what I have to do!??

Thanx in advance!


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I've done it on a website here: www.FightinTigahs.com and also on the message board with the navigation bar at the top.


Just have the buttons go to any URL that you wish.

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use the search button at the top and type in IFRAME or FRAMES

i did an example with zip file of how to achieve this.

Basically you have to have a frame or iframe in your HTML page where you want to load your text into, give the frame/iframe a NAME very important.

Now in your flash buttons, when you do the actions you MUST put the name of the frame/iframe in the target box.

Also if your doing an flash intro, name the page index.html

your MAIN page can be called anything you like, but for example well cal it default.html (can be .asp. php etc....)

now in your intro at the end/ on your skip button put goto URL default.html target = _self this will load your main page in the same window/browser.

If you need more help with it just ask.


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Old 02-26-2004, 05:59 AM Reply With Quote

Can't you make new flash buttons in dreamweaver?


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