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1- I have read in the tutorial that if you want to make your song loop, you enter a big number such as 15 in the loop field. But this might not be long enough if the song is only a couple of seconds. How do I make the song loop forever until I press on a button to stop it?

2- Also, I have a music bar animation that is playing along the song. I know how to make the song stop when I press on the animation bar once. But how do I tell it to play it again once I press on the same animation bar again? You know like an on/off switch. I also want the animation to stop when the music stops, how do I do that?

Thank you in advance.

A newbie.

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Well you can make it loop longer with a higher number.

However here's my trick

Go to the properties window for the sound and select.
do not play if already playing.

create a sprite
name the sprite
check the box for loop sprite.

Enter the sprites timeline
At frame 0
play sound "my.wav"


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